Caloola provides an opportunity for people with a disability to learn valuable life skills. The main service provided by Caloola is groundskeeping and landscaping and while this enables their ‘team’ to learn a valuable skill, it also offers so much more.

The services provided by Caloola are genuine work that is needed by the community. Mowing, hedging, pruning, weeding and landscaping work in general is essential maintenance for the grounds of places such as TAFE colleges, cemeteries, parks, hospitals etc. The Caloola staff gain personal satisfaction going to work each day, pride in doing a good job, their social skills are improved by working with a variety of different people and they have interaction with members of the community. In fact, community engagement is one of the priorities of the Caloola Vocational program.

Caloola staff can give assistance and training with general life skills, such as catching public transport.

As a member of a Caloola Crew people learn valuable skills including:

  • Working within a team
  • Working with the customer
  • Hedging, mowing,
  • Landscaping

Having a social purpose does not exempt a company from the rules of business. Importantly, to all of Caloola’s stakeholders, it is important to note that Caloola is operated under sound business principles, an in order to meet its charter it has at its core a sound commercial business model that focused on the sustainability required for Client (people with a disability) and Customers (commercial) certainty.

Simply put, Caloola is here for the long haul in strong partnership with all its stakeholders.